Never compromise on safety

HAKI Safety

HAKI Safety in brief

HAKI Safety is an international industrial group, focusing on safety products and solutions that create safe working conditions at temporary workplaces.

The group has annual sales of about 1.2 billion SEK and has since 1989 been listed on Nasdaq Stockholm’s small-cap list. HAKI Safety offers a wide range of products and solutions within system scaffold, work zone safety, and digital and technical solutions that help customers achieve safety and efficiency in their various environments.

Through a spin-off from Skåne-Gripen, the company Midway Holding was established in 1989, which has since changed its character several times through divestments and acquisitions. In December 2023, the company changed its name to HAKI Safety.

With its base in the well-established Swedish brand HAKI, founded in 1956, the group's product portfolio and geographical presence have broadened in recent years through acquisitions. The acquisitions have meant that the group is exposed to more sectors and that the range of safety products and solutions has increased. They have also enabled synergies in purchasing, production, logistics, and sales. 

In June 2022, the Group acquired the French company Novakorp Systems. The company complements HAKI Safety well, with solutions for safe work at height. Novakorp Systems’ largest market is France. In October 2022, the Austrian company EKRO Bausystem was acquired. The acquisition represents a strategically important expansion of the group’s market into German-speaking parts of Europe, offering opportunities for further geographical growth. British Vertemax has been part of the group since 2021. It primarily develops, sells, and markets products for safe work at height. 

The group's goal is to continue to develop HAKI's strong position in Europe. The range of safety products and solutions for projects in different sectors is to be strengthened with organic growth initiatives and bolt-on acquisitions.

HAKI Safety also includes the stand-alone company Landqvist Mekaniska which is being developed together with its management team, focusing mainly on organic growth. 

HAKI Safety’s most important mission

Innovation and improvement are the focus of everything HAKI Safety does. We are always heading for growth, finding new business opportunities, and developing new ways to help our customers.

However, much more important than having perhaps the best products and solutions in the world, is what they can do for people. We are here to make life safer for people working in challenging environments worldwide. It is the motivation behind everything we do.

We are proud of our history. Our high-quality solutions are the product of decades of experience and knowledge. But we have always been successful because of what we plan to do tomorrow, not what we have done in the past. That is the only thing that will never change.

This is HAKI Safety. And we are on an important mission: to make life safer for everyone working in temporary and often complex workplaces in challenging environments.

We never compromise on safety.